This life-size video projection that features the monicker, “Uh…” written as a graffiti tag on various public walls throughout Ho Chi Minh City. As traffic whizzes along the streets and pedestrians stroll past Uh’s work, we realize that the tag isn’t part of the physical landscape at all. The sudden disconnection made apparent when physical bodies walk “behind” the graffiti, is at once humorous and disturbing. Through a simple video layering technique, distance between the viewer and the subject becomes at once collapsed and extended, creating a moment of confusion in positioning.

In English, the vocal utterance signified by “uh” could be understood as expressing hesitation or uncertainty, sometimes as a drawn out pause connecting two words or ideas while in Vietnamese, the “uh” acts as an affirmative expression, similar to “yeah”, “agreed” or “okay”. This duality is of interest to us.

This video work is a piece in a larger body of work that explores the quickly changing cultural and physical Vietnamese landscape and the youth culture that are trying to navigate these changes as they adapt and develop new strategies for individual self expression; taking on imported sub-cultures such as the various rock genres, modern American graffiti, and hip-hop.


Single channel video projection
1920 x 1080. 25p. Color. Stereo