Temporary Public Gallery


This public intervention sets out to complicate, and possibly poeticize, matters concerning public space, public art, privatized commercial space and the politics/censorship behind the regulation of these spaces by renting a billboard in Ho Chi Minh City in order to curate non-commercial images in public space.

As all visual elements in the landscape, from public art to advertisement, are controlled through different censorship bodies, public art in Viet Nam has been limited in the last few decades to marble sculptures in the park and some old propaganda signage attached to various walls throughout different cities. But the landscape has been shifting from having more propaganda to now having more advertising, while public art remains innocuous, inaccessible, and limited by these censorship bodies.

With a grant from ArtMatters Foundation, The Propeller Group attempted to circumnavigate these limitations, trying to locate a loophole in the system by renting out advertising space to curate artworks in public; challenging notions of public space, advertising, and public art in Viet Nam.

To the left are a few mock-ups from the process. Download the PDF [link below] that tracks and documents all of our attempts to get permission for the images. This includes excerpts from proposals and mock-up images sent to ArtMatters as well as the censorship department.  After many failed attempts the project was never realized.