Antique Space Debris


The Propeller Group explores space, history and science-fiction in this sculptural work titled Antique Space Debris. Beginning with a solid piece of jackfruit wood, 18th century motifs are hand carved into its surface in the same tradition as antiques originating from Hue in Central Vietnam. Working together with craftsmen who specialize in this specific carving style, the wood is honed into a wooden beam projecting into the gallery space. The beam hovers mysteriously in mid-air just one centimeter away from the surface of the glass window as if an invisible force field is propping the wooden object up.

The Propeller Group uses “space” both metaphorically and literally, referring to the vast emptiness of the cosmos as well as the interior of the building. That seemingly forgotten timelessness is juxtaposed to the very formal and ornate decorative artifact that has now become void of typical function. The function of this antique object has transformed into a sort of future prop and possible re-evaluation of the past.

Antique Space Debris
Approximately 40cm x 180cm
Jackfruit wood